I stand on stages asking people to volunteer time to make a safer, smarter, stronger world. I never ask people to do what I'm unwilling to do. Here, you'll find where I volunteer my time...


Advocacy & Action

I work with a variety of global and local organizations to build more resilient communities.  

I’m proud to publicly advocate at both large and small events for groups like Organizing For Action, and at national immigration events in Washington DC. In the USA, I'm the chief advocate for STOP THE TRAFFIK, and help lead the United Nation's GIFT Box program. My work ranges from public addresses/media appearances to private corporate negotiations, all on the behalf of exploited people. 

Much of my work revolves around human trafficking, immigration, food deserts, homelessness, consumer education, and corporate responsibility. I help philanthropists and corporations invest hyper-locally.  

On a local level I coordinate ongoing community action with national corporations like Trader Joe's, Walmart, and Panera as we work on ways to strengthen neighborhoods in Chicago.

 A Public Service Announcement for STOP THE TRAFFIK helping launch our US Chocolate Campaign.

 Immigration Rally