I’m a Chicago based charitable entrepreneur.

I’m the founder of Love Without Agenda—a network of local charitable entrepreneurs who cooperate across the globe. Working in neighborhoods around the world has made one thing very clear—people are our planets most valuable resource. That is why I'm proud to lend my voice and advocate for causes, projects, and campaigns that promote equality, inclusion, and diversity. My experiences have galvanized a core set of values, my belief in community action, corporate responsibility, human rights, personal wholeness and religious bridge-building. 

While attending the University of Missouri, I was a successful track & field athlete—and received degrees in Religious Studies & Philosophy. I’ve been fortunate to speak to crowds on most every continent, love living in downtown Chicago...but at heart...I remain a small-town, blue collared, Akron, Ohio boy.

Jimmy Spencer Jr is an important voice for our time
— Dr. Tony Campolo
Jimmy Spencer Jr is an unstoppable advocate for people across the globe.”
— Brian McLaren, US activist & author

My Odd & Fun Life

  • I've spoken in 18 countries.
  • I'm 6 time All-Conference track & field athlete at the University of Missouri.
  • I was in Cologne, W. Germany running a track event when the Berlin Wall came down.
  • I can't swim & haven't driven in 10 years. 
  • I lived in Crimean, Ukraine in 1993, shortly after the Soviet Union crumbled.  
  • I'm a Akron kid and lifelong Cleveland sports fan and have the emotional scars to prove it