One room available for September 1st

Fully furnished.

Huge 2400 sq/ft apartment in Lincoln Park. 

Price: 1250 includes everything

Flexible Stay: No lease, rent for school year

I work in the tech industry and travel frequently. 






About my neighborhood

I live in the heart of an amazing urban location in Lincoln Park Chicago, sandwiched between Clark Street and Lake Shore Drive, near all public transport to chicago sights, walk distance to bars, restaurants and zoo. I have one of the highest walking scores in the U.S. and it is very safe to walk around even at night. 

My area is very safe, has lots of bars, and a variety or eateries, fancy or cheap. Beautiful old multiple million dollar homes and college students share the town. Walk to the lake, north pond, the nature center, or the zoo. 

20 min walk to wrigley field.  
Right on 5 bus lines, 10 minute walk to El.


about me

Ballcap.Headshot.Cropped (1 of 1).jpg

I am a Founding partner at Glocal. As the CEO I spark the vision and help navigate our course. A 20 year veteran of community organizing, I began community organizing in Ukraine shortly after the fall of the USSR. I later founded Love Without Agenda which operates in 16 countries across the globe. I'm was an athlete at the University of Missouri and internationally as a track & field athlete. I'm a Lover of the Underdog. Mover of Mountains. Akron Kid. Global Nomad. 

I'm a bit of a foodie and spend a fair amount of my time traveling. When at home in Chicago I make walking along Lake Michigan a priority. I'm fan of Cash, JayZ and The Killers. Learn more below about Glocal.



Below is a questionnaire I filled out for an online roommate service. I thought the information may be helpful:

I am looking for . . .
-->  new roommate(s) to move in with me where I currently live

Major metro of my residence?
-->  Chicago, Illinois

More exact location?
-->  I live in Lincoln Park near the
Lincoln Park Zoo

What is my residence?
-->  apartment

New roommate(s) monthly rent?
-->  Largest room is 1200, Other room is 1000 Both rooms fully furnished with nice bed, desk, lamps etc (see photos)

Current household composition (excluding new roommates(s))?
-->  Just me

Length of stay preferred?
-->  Flexible

-->  Everyone here is legally adult.

My dwelling is furnished . . .
-->  Completely. Just bring yourself.

Is parking available?
-->  On street

Will the new roommate(s) have their own bathroom?
-->  2 Bathrooms. So it is possible.

Additional amenities/features?
-->  large closet
-->  yard
-->  laundry on site
-->  downtown location
-->  restaurants within easy walking distance
-->  within walking distance of public transport
-->  nearby university or college
-->  near park
-->  within walking distance of grocery

Description of the room/residence?
-->  Huge vintage flat in prime Lincoln Park neighborhood. Walking distance to anything! I used
to do Airbnb, but am no longer doing it instead want to rent my two rooms. I travel and work a
lot. I keep a pretty clean house and have completely furnished it and utilities
are included in the price

Am I currently near the room I'm offering?
-->  yes


I am:
-->  Male

I would prefer my roommate(s) be:
-->  Good people. Anyone welcome

My sexual orientation(s)?
-->  Heterosexual

I would prefer my roommate(s) be:
-->  I am universally tolerant.

How old am I, in calendar years?
-->  30-50

I would prefer my roommate(s) be:
-->  Age is nothing but a number.

-->  No pets live here, and no pets are allowed.

Tobacco smoking?
-->  I do NOT smoke; I COULD tolerate an outdoor-only smoker.

How do I keep HOUSE?

How often do I do my dishes?
-->  Not right away, but before the following day.

How long does my takeout stay in the fridge?
-->  I remove anything that offends within 72 hours or so.

-->  I regularly recycle all my glass and metal.

Personal items left in common areas shall be . . .
-->  Left alone. If that's where they landed, why interfere?

Common area household cleaning?
-->  All roommates contribute to hire cleaners.

How do I keep COMPANY?

Where am I social?
-->  One or two friends occasionally, but I'll carouse elsewhere

Household noise?
-->  If anyone needs silence, that's the law of the house.

How often should 'significant others' stay the night?
-->  It's cool, but they should be at THEIR house more than ours.

Roommate's potential promiscuity / 'one night stands'?
-->  Occasionally might be fine. Frequently may annoy.

My attitude toward out-of-town friends staying over?
-->  Overnighters are OK, if agreements are made in advance.

Family members stopping by?
-->  They drop by frequently, but they call first.

How do I keep MY END?

My attitude toward money?
-->  All of my accounts are always paid on time, in full.

What household consumables would I like to share?
-->  Food and drinks separate, then share other household stuff

Personal security issues?
-->  I won't care where you are as long as the rent gets paid.

Home furnishings?
-->  I doubt I'd ever damage anything. If I did, I'd pay for it.

Borrowing stuff?
-->  Borrowing some things sometimes, if agreed to in advance.

How do I keep MYSELF?

Household clothing preferences?
-->  Nothing past PG-13, but get ready to see my robe.

Consumption of alcohol and/or recreational drugs?
-->  I drink socially or on the weekends, that is all.

Dietary habits?
-->  I have an occasional craving for red meat.

Personal grooming habits?
-->  I'm clean and hygienic, but not compulsive about it.

How do I keep BUSY?

-->  I tune in for a few more shows than I'd care to admit.

Educational level?
-->  I have advanced degree wallpaper.

Criminal activity?
-->  Unpaid parking tickets/library fines, maybe. Nothing more.

Personal cosmologies?
-->  I have no religious affiliation, but don't mind if others do.

What do I usually wear on weekdays?
-->  Jeans and a backpack

Political outlook?
-->  left-wing - liberal - social progressive

Q: Why are you looking for a roommate now?
-->  looking for someone low key to rent a room. Prefer a student, someone positive
and upbeat about life. I'm looking for two positive, low drama, entrepreneurial-oriented people
I am the founder of a startup and am busy getting my company going

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
-->  I  work quite a bit so I don't really have tine to go out too much. I like to go out
to eat locally. I travel quite abit for my work

Q: What do you do for a living?
-->  I run a tech startup. My business partner comes over one or twice week, or
we may go into the loop for meetings but in general its a quiet low stress house

Q: Are you extra sensitive to anything?
-->  Not a fan of people who listen to music without headphones or loud music
in general. Not a fan of big parties at the house

Q: Anything NOT in the questionnaire, but important about you?
-->  nope, you pretty much covered everything

Q: Did you have a conflict with a previous roommate?
-->  no conflicts. Haven't had roommates for 2-3 years

Q: What might be your ideal roommate situation?
-->  Respectful, non-partying and open minded is helpful. Ambitious and
kind hearted people are always cool