"A book that will inspire and challenge your view of Christianity, regardless of your faith"



Like many in the USA, I grew up in a Christian house.  Like many, the version of Christianity I saw didn't work for me...

Fast forward 20 years--after years of helping neighborhoods, and answering questions by Christians about my faith—I authored a book with my Love Without Agenda cofounder Lisa O'Brien-Wentzel. We hope our story helps other people wrestling with issues of how Christianity fits into our lives—and we really hope our story inspires you to process your spirituality...

No matter where that takes you.


Readers Say:

I heard Jimmy speak briefly and knew I had to read his book. I read it, only stopping to eat and sleep, until I was done. It is the most challenging, provocative, enlightening, and amazing book that I have read since the bible.
— Michael, Amazon Review
Best book of the year! I bought this book as a gift, but after reading the first few pages I had to get my own copy.
— M Yoder, Amazon Review
Heart Hitting! Bravo for getting real & discussing what matters!
— Abigail, Amazon Review